Prof. Gang Huang's Homepage (黄刚个人主页)

Institute of Atmospheric Physics , Distinguished research fellow and Professor, Ph.D course advisor, Outstanding Young Scientist Foundation of NSFC(2014), National Young and Middle-aged Leading Science and Technology Innovation Talents(2016)
研究兴趣:Air-sea interactions and their climate effects , Monsoon dynamics , Climate change , climate extremes , climate modeling , Climate Variability , visualization

I mainly investigate climate dynamics, especially, the mechanism of variability of atmosphere circulation and monsoon system in East Asia. I have done great amount of original studies on the observation and simulation of the impacts of Indian Ocean long-term variability on Asia Monsoon, as well as the dynamics of extreme climate, ENSO dynamics and associated decadal climate variability.

Prof. Gang Huang‘s  Homepage (黄刚个人主页)

中国科学院首批特聘研究员,中国科学院大学岗位教授,中国科学院大气物理研究所研究员(二级)、博士生导师,国家杰出青年基金获得者(2014), 国家中青年科技创新领军人才(2016),香港中文大学研究生授课教授,LASG国家重点实验室季风与海气团队负责人

入选Essential Science Indicators(ESI)全球地球科学领域科学家排名前1%高引用科学家目录,入选气候变化研究领域全球最具影响力的1000位科学家名单;



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